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March 2013
Homepage updated and optimised and have now integated Google Checkout! Enjoy!
January 2012
Last chance to buy Rapanui clothing! Get it quick in our January sales!
May 2011
We are very pleased to announce the Carnabee online clothing store has now officially launched! Happy shopping everyone! You can view our video promo below:

April 2011
The Carnabee Store is now being constructed. It will be open to invited guests of the Carnabee Forum, Newsletter subscribers and Facebook fans at end of the month! Stay tuned...
March 2011
Carnabee are excited to announce our fashion forum is now open and up and running again! This will allow you to keep informed about the latest fashion trends as well as chat to other Carnabee members about anything from fashion to entertainment to design, and make suggestions for which brands you would like to see in the store. You can now even log in simply by using your Facebook account: Carnabee Fashion Forum. See you there!
February 2011
Our old Twitter page: http://www.twitter.com/carnabeestore has been updated to fit the new format. Let us know what you think of the new design!
January 2011
We are happy to announce we reached over 200 fans on our Carnabee Facebook page early this month! We are thrilled with the interest and feedback theres already been for Carnabee. If youre not already, you can become a fan here: http://www.facebook.com/carnabee and keep up to date with all the latest!
Decemeber 2010
Just like to wish all our fans and follows a very Happy Christmas!
October 2010
We are pleased to announce we have managed to secure two very popular brands over in America at the moment; William Rast and Alternative Apparel for the coming season! Should be shipping out to us very shortly... Might upload a few photos later!
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